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    Wednesday, November 19, 2008

    Socially Relevant and Other Songs

    1. Ahmet Koc (Turkey). Hasta Siempre (Turkish version).
    2. Alain Delon (France) & Celine Dion (French Canada). Parole.
    3. Alishan 阿里山的姑娘 Indigenous People's Folk Song (Taiwan).
    4. Antonio Carlos Jobim (Brazil) & Andy Williams (U.S.A.). Girl from Ipanema.
    5. Atahualpa Yupanqui (Argentina). Preguntitas a Dios.
    6. Babae (Philippines). "Women."
    7. Bamboo (Philippines). Tatsulok (Social Triangle). MTV.
    8. Bob Dylan (U.S.A.). Blowin' in the Wind.
    9. Bob Dylan (U.S.A.). The People Speak. Sung by Viggo Mortensen.
    10. Bollywood Some Best Songs.
    11. Bollywood Top Film Songs.
    12. Boris Vian (France). Le déserteur. With English subtitles.
    13. Buena Vista Social Club (Cuba). Hasta Siempre.
    14. The Byrds (U.S.A.). Turn! Turn! Turn!
    15. Carlos Gardel (Argentina). Mi Buenos Aires Querida.
    16. Carlos Gardel (Argentina). Tango.
    17. Carlos Puebla. Hasta Siempre.
    18. Chico Buarque (Brazil).Construção.
    19. Chico Buarque (Brazil). O Qué Será (en Castellana).
    20. Chyi Yu 齊豫 (Taiwan). 橄欖樹 Olive Tree (record).
    21. Chyi Yu 齊豫 (Taiwan). 橄欖樹 Olive Tree (MTV with Chinese subtitles).
    22. Chyi Yu 齊豫 (Taiwan). 橄欖樹 Olive Tree. MTV.
    23. Chyi Yu 齊豫 (Taiwan). 橄欖樹 Olive Tree. Concert & MTV mix.
    24. Chyi Yu 齊豫 (Taiwan). 橄欖樹 Olive Tree & C'est la Vie. Live in concert.
    25. Dark Eyes or Ochi Chornye (Russia). By Dmitri Hvorostovsky.
    26. Dark Eyes or Ochi Chornye (Russia). By Red Army Choir.
    27. Dark Eyes (Russia). By Red Russian Army Choir.
    28. Descendants of the Dragon 龍的傳人 (Taiwan). Original by 李建復.
    29. Descendants of the Dragon 龙的传人 (Taiwan). Sung by Wang Leehom 王力宏.
    30. Descendants of the Dragon 龍的傳人(Taiwan). Sung by Beyond (in Taiwan) with Chinese subtitles.
    31. Descendants of the Dragon (Taiwan). Karaoke with Chinese subtitles.
    32. Dalida & Alain Delon (France). Parole (Original female-protagonist version). MTV.
    33. Dalida & Alain Delon (France). Parole (TV version).
    34. Daniel Viglietti (Uruguay). A Desalambrar. Concert in Australia.
    35. Daniel Viglietti (Uruguay). A Desalambrar. Live in concert in Managua, Nicaragua.
    36. Daniel Viglietti (Uruguay). Duerme Negrito.
    37. Dil Chata Hai (India).
    38. East is Red 東方紅 (China).
    39. Edith Piaf (France). La Vie en Rose.
    40. Elis Regina (Brazil). Aguas de Março.
    41. Elis Regina & Tom Jobim (Brazil). Concert in Los Angeles, U.S.A. Aguas de Março.
    42. Florante (Philippines). Handog (Offering).
    43. Florante (Philippines). Pinay (Filipina).
    44. Georges Brassens (France). Les copains d'abord.
    45. Georges Moustaki (France). Ma Solitude.
    46. Gilberto Gil (Brazil) & Stevie Wonder (U.S.A.). Desafinado.
    47. Gypsy Kings (Roma or Travelers). Bamboleo. In Kobe, Japan.
    48. Holly Near (U.S.A.). Gracias a la Vida.
    49. I Love Beijing Tiananmen 我爱北京天安门 (China).
    50. Inti Illimani (Chile). Señora Chichera.
    51. Inti Illimani (Chile) & Malembe. Señora Chichera.
    52. Jacques Brel (France). Ne Me Quittes Pas.
    53. Janis Ian (U.S.A.). At Seventeen.
    54. Joao Gilberto & Caetano Veloso (Brazil). Garota de Ipanema.
    55. Joao Gilberto & Tom Jobim (Brazil). Garota de Ipanema.
    56. Joan Baez (U.S.A.). Gracias a la Vida.
    57. Joan Manuel Serrat (Spain). Para la Libertad.
    58. Joey Ayala (Philippines). Walang Hanggang Paalam (Endless Farewell).
    59. John Lennon (U.K.). Imagine.
    60. Jorge Drexler (Uruguay). Al Otro Lado del Rio.
    61. Jorge Drexler (Uruguay). Al Otro Lado del Rio. With clips from the movie Motorcyle Diaries.
    62. Kalinka (Russia). By Yvan Rebroff.
    63. Kalinka (Russia). By Red Russian Army.
    64. Kingston Trio (U.S.A.). Where Have All the Flowers Gone?
    65. Lagaan (India).
    66. Linkin Park (U.S.A.). Little Boxes.
    67. Luis Bonfa & Caterina Valente (Brazil). Manha de Carnaval from the movie Orpheus Negro.
    68. Malembe. Señora Chichera.
    69. Maria Callas (Greece). "Habanera" in Carmen.
    70. Marlene Dietrich (Germany). Where Have All the Flowers Gone?
    71. Maxime Leforestier, young (France) & Nana Mouskouri. San Francisco.
    72. Maxime Leforestier, mature (France). San Francisco.
    73. Mercedes Sosa (Argentina). Canción con todos.
    74. Mercedes Sosa (Argentina). Gracias a la vida. Composed by Violeta Parra (Chile).
    75. Michel Berger (France), composer. Le Blues du Businessman. Sung by Bruno Pelletier.
    76. Michel Berger (France), composer. Le Blues du Businessman. Sung by Bruno Pelletier & Celine Dion.
    77. Michel Berger (France), composer. Le Blues du Businessman. Sung by Claude Dubois.
    78. Michel Berger (France), composer. La Complainte de la Serveuse Automate.
    79. Michel Berger (France), composer. Monopolis.
    80. Michel Berger (France), composer. Monopolis medley. Sung by Lara Fabian.
    81. Michel Berger (France), composer. Quand On a Rien a Perdre. Sung by Daniel Balavoine & France Gall.
    82. Michel Berger (France), composer. Ziggy. Sung by Celine Dion.
    83. Milton Nascimiento & Chico Buarque (Brazil). O Que Será. A Flor de Pele.
    84. Mina & Adriano Celentano (Italy). Parole. (Male protagonist version).
    85. Moscow Night (Russia). By Dmitri Hvorostovsky.
    86. Noel Cabangon (Philippines). Tatsulok (Social Triangle). In Concert.
    87. Noel Cabangon (Philippines). Tatsulok (Social Triangle). In Studio.
    88. O Brother Where Art Thou (U.S.A.)
    89. Ojos Azules (from Andean countries, Latin America).
    90. Olive Tree (Taiwan). Sung in China.
    91. Quilapayun (Chile). Plegaria a un Labrador.
    92. Paco Ibanez (Spain). Como Tu.
    93. Patrick Bruel (France). Casser la Voix.
    94. Patrick Bruel (France). Qui a le Droit? (Who Has the Right?).
    95. Pete Seeger (U.S.A.). Guantanamera.
    96. Pete Seeger (U.S.A.). Little Boxes.
    97. Pete Seeger (U.S.A.). What Did You Learn in School Today?
    98. Pete Seeger (U.S.A.). Where Have All the Flowers Gone?
    99. Peter, Paul and Mary (U.S.A.). If I Had a Hammer.
    100. Peter, Paul, and Mary & Pete Seeger(U.S.A.). Where Have All the Flowers Gone?
    101. Pol Galang (Philippines). Lupang Sinira (Land Destroyed).
    102. Ramon Ayco (Philippines), producer. Babae Ka. (You Are a Woman) Sung by Bugkos.
    103. Ramon Ayco (Philippines). Buhay at Bukid (Life and Farm). Composed & sung by Buklod/Noel Cabangon.
    104. Ramon Ayco (Philippines). Tano.
    105. Ramon Ayco (Philippines). Tatsulok. Composed & sung by Noel Cabangon.
    106. Ramon Ayco (Philippines), producer. Tumindig Ka (Philippine translation of of Plegaria a un Labrador by Victor Jara of Chile). Sung by Jess Santiago.
    107. Ronnie Gilbert & Holly Near (U.S.A.). Hay Una Mujer Desaparecida.
    108. Serge Reggiani (France). Ma Liberté.
    109. Silvio Rodriguez (Cuba). Unicornio.
    110. Singkil (Marawi, Philippines). Performed by the Bayanihan Dance Troupe.
    111. Stan Getz (Brazil). Desafinado.
    112. Stan Getz & Astrud Gilberto (Brazil). The Girl from Ipanema.
    113. Stan Getz (Brazil). Wave.
    114. Sting (U.K.). Fields of Gold.
    115. Sting (U.K.). Desert Rose.
    116. Susan Fernandez (Philippines). Unang Alay. (First Offering).
    117. TATU (Russia). All about Us.
    118. TATU (Russia). Not Gonna Get Us.
    119. TATU (Russia). Not Gonna Get Us. MTV Music Award.
    120. Trini Lopez (U.S.A.). If I Had a Hammer.
    121. Violeta Parra (Chile). Gracias a la Vida.
    122. Yves Montand (France), young. Les Feuilles Mortes.
    123. Yves Montand (France), mature. Les Feuilles Mortes. At Olympia.
    124. Zazie et Bénabar (France). Tu verras, Tu verras. French version of Chico Buarque's (Brazil) O Qué Será.

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