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    Tuesday, December 7, 2010

    Rey Ty, (2011). International Training Office. "Intercultural and International Orientation" for Inpats and Expats.

    1. Froggy Dance.
    2. Personal Space Etiquette.
    3. Why Do Filipinos Make Fun Of Filipino Accents All of The Time?
    4. UCLA student Alexandra Wallace is in hot water after she posted a video criticizing the "hordes" of Asian students at the university. In the post Wallace asked Asians attending the school to "use American manners" and slammed them for having family get-togethers in the dorms. She also slammed Asians for talking loudly on their mobile phones in the library. Although Alexandra has apologized for her video in the wake of the negative reaction it spawned, it is now all over the internet. She has now gone into hiding.
    5. 2012-01-09 Intercultural Orientation.
    6. Click here to watch the complete presentation in 11:06 minutes. I know, it's too jampacked. But I was told to give a 10-minute presentation. Please give me your feedback on what you think is a good, *minimum* amount of time for the materials to be presented. Thank you, readers!
    7. Intercultural Orientation in English and Chinese Languages.
    8. Hello! In 17 Different Languages.
    9. Bundle Up to Stay Warm during Winter Time: Wear Layers of Clothes
    10. Why Are Cultures Different?
    11. U or V Curve of Cultural Shock
    12. W Curve of Cultural Shock
    13. Different Societies, Different Practices
    14. Cultural Practices in Some Societies
    15. Cultural Practices in Main-stream U.S.A.
    16. Diverse Ethnicities and Families in the U.S.A.
    17. Respect Everyone!
    18. Respect Diversity!
    19. Basic and Minimum Words of Courtesy
    20. Direct and Indirect Talking Styles: Who's Rude? Who's Polite?
    21. Direct and Indirect Writing Styles: Gabriel Garcia Marquez vs. Ernest Hemingway - Who's Best?
    22. Social Invitations: For Real? For Free?
    23. United States Constitution, The Bill of Rights, Amendment 1 - Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression.
    24. Three Attitudes: Ethnocentrism, Romanticism, and Cosmopolitanism
    25. 5 Things NOT To Do After Returning From Abroad
    26. International Student Guide to the U.S.A.

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