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    Wednesday, January 12, 2011

    Free Online Special Photo Effects and Text Editors and Tools

    With special effects, you can turn yourself into someone else different: old, young, female, male, poor, rich, made up, with bruises, dancing, in the rain, fat, thin, person of any color, a painting, a poster, a postcard, and more! Try it. Have fun!

    1. In 20 Years
    2. 1st Web Designer
    3. Activist Decal
    4. African Man with a Sign.
    5. Age Calculator
    6. Animated Burning Photo.
    7. Animated Candle.
    8. Animated Candle and Books with Photo.
    9. Animated Candle and Fireplace with Photo.
    10. Animated Cellphone and Skull with Photo.
    11. Animated Custom Text with Photo.
    12. Animated Dancing Woman.
    13. Animated GIFs
    14. Animated Fanning Woman in Black & White.
    15. Animated Flying Flag.
    16. Animated Golden Mirror and Photo.
    17. Animated Happy New Year 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012 with You Photo.
    18. Animated Heart X-Ray and Head on the Hole.
    19. Animated Sailboat.
    20. Animated & Talking Owl
    21. Animated & Talking Squirrel
    22. Animated Text Wizard
    23. Animated Vintage TV Sets.
    24. Avatar Photo
    25. Badge Maker
    26. Banner Maker
    27. Bar Codes Generator
    28. Be Funky
    29. Beyonce Knowles Photo Shoot.
    30. Big Huge Labs Homepage
    31. Big Huge Labs Map Maker
    32. Billboard at Night.
    33. Birthday Profile
    34. Blingee
    35. Blingify
    36. Blog Header
    37. Bush iSpeech.
    38. Caption iT
    39. Card Funk
    40. Cassette Generator
    41. Cell Sea
    42. Chalk Board.
    43. Christmas: Animated Christmas Tree Ornament with Your Photo.
    44. Christmas Bliss.
    45. Christmas Book.
    46. Christmas Frame.
    47. Christmas Frame Animated with Lights.
    48. Christmas Globe with Photo & Christmas Tree.
    49. Christmas Penguin Winter Time.
    50. Christmas Photo Frame with Christmas Tree, Chimney & Lights.
    51. Christmas Presents Frame.
    52. Christmas: Russian Nesting Dolls.
    53. Christmas: Santa Postcard.
    54. Christmas: Santa with Christmas Gift.
    55. Christmas: Santa with Red Hat.
    56. Christmas Tree Garland.
    57. Christmas Wonder with Santa Claus.
    58. Cigarette Packet Image Generator.
    59. Collage: 2 Photos Best Friends Forever.
    60. Collage: 2 Photos in Green Photo Album.
    61. Collage: 2 Photos in Hotel Posters.
    62. Collage: 2 Photos in Mountain-side Signs.
    63. Collage: 2 Photos in Photos with Swans.
    64. Collage: 2 Photos with Zipper.
    65. Collage: 3 Photos in Three Frames with Camomiles.
    66. Collage: 3 Photos Drying on a Clothes Line.
    67. Collage: 3 Photos in Frames.
    68. Collage: 3 Photos Hang-Drying.
    69. Collage: 3 Photos Mall Exhibition.
    70. Collage: 3D Film Strip.
    71. Collage: 4 Photos Collage: Home Theater.
    72. Collage: 4 Photos in Photo Album.
    73. Collage: 4 Photos in Postcards.
    74. Collage: 4 Photos in Exhibition Room.
    75. Collage: 5 Photos: Bubbles in the Sky.
    76. Collage: 5-Photo Artificial Ikebana.
    77. Collage: 5-Photo Polaroid Friends.
    78. Collage: Cat Mosaic.
    79. Collage Maker
    80. Collage: Art Museum.
    81. Collage: Dollar Sign Mosaic.
    82. Collage: Eye Mosaic.
    83. Collage: Film Strip.
    84. Collage: Flower Mosaic.
    85. Collage: Giant Mosaic of One Photo Composed of Many Photos.
    86. Collage: Globe Photo Collage.
    87. Collage: Heart Mosaic.
    88. Collage: Hockneyizer Photo Collage
    89. Collage: Musical Note Mosaic.
    90. Collage: Muzy Photo Box, Photoboard & Collage.
    91. Collage: Neon Cubes Collage.
    92. Collage: Photovisi Collage Maker Templates.
    93. Collage: PicArtia Photo Collage Maker.
    94. Collage: Sex-Female Symbol Mosaic.
    95. Collage: Sex-Male Symbol Mosaic.
    96. Collage: Squidoo Photo Collages and Mosaics.
    97. Collage Stamps.
    98. Collage: Star Mosaic.
    99. Collage: Sun Mosaic.
    100. Collage: Swan Mosaic.
    101. Collage: USSR Stamps.
    102. Concert Ticket Maker
    103. Confucius Says...
    104. Country Flag Sign Maker
    105. Cube
    106. Cube: Animated by Avatar Photo.
    107. Cube: Animated by LunaPic.
    108. Danger Sign Maker
    109. Deefunia
    110. Design Beep
    111. Dumpr
    112. Dollar Bills on Both Hands and Head in the Hole.
    113. Dummy Book Cover Maker
    114. Dummy Book Cover Maker by Jelly Muffin.
    115. Easel in Artist Studio.
    116. Eclipse Crossword
    117. Einstein Chalk Board
    118. Einstein Message Board
    119. Face in Hole
    120. Face in Eye Photo Generator.
    121. Facebook Timeline Movie Maker.
    122. Famous Faces (Add Quotes).
    123. Fish Bowl with Animated Gold Fish
    124. Football Inzone
    125. Football Jersey
    126. Football Stadium with One Giant Photo.
    127. Foto Crib
    128. Frames.
    129. Frames: Fototrix Frames
    130. Frame: Animal Print Borders.
    131. Frame: Burning Fire.
    132. Frame: Businessmen with Billboard.
    133. Frame: Business People Holding Billboard.
    134. Frame: Candy Frame.
    135. Frame: D.C. Billboard.
    136. Frame: Dollar Wallet.
    137. Frame: Easter Lilies and Book.
    138. Frame: Frame of Roses.
    139. Frame: Gold Frame by Funny Photo.
    140. Frame: Gold Frame by Photofunia.
    141. Frame: Golden Reflection.
    142. Frame with Gun.
    143. Frame: Heavy Load.
    144. Frame: Make Sweet Still & Animated Frames.
    145. Frame: Mat Frame.
    146. Frame: Movie Projection.
    147. Frame: Museum Frames.
    148. Frame: Observer.
    149. Frame: Orange Butterfly.
    150. Frame: Oscar Ceremony.
    151. Frame: Photo Frame in Candlelight Photo Generator.
    152. Frame: Photo Frame with Medvedev and Schwarzenegger.
    153. Frame: Photo Fun Box Frames.
    154. Frame: Photo with Cameras & Other Photo Equipment.
    155. Frame: Shamrock Frame.
    156. Frame: Shopaholic Woman with a Bag.
    157. Frame: Spring Postcard.
    158. Frame: Thanksgiving Photo Frame.
    159. Frame: Thanksgiving Day Parade.
    160. Frame: Thanksgiving during Autumn Season.
    161. Frame: Times Square, Manhattan, New York City, large picture.
    162. Frame: Times Square, Manhattan, New York City, medium picture.
    163. Frame: Times Square, Manhattan, New York City, one of many billboards.
    164. Frame: Tokyo Night.
    165. Frame: Torn to Pieces.
    166. Frame: U.S. Stamp.
    167. Frame: Video Chatting.
    168. Frame: Vintage Frame.
    169. Frame: Wine Bottles.
    170. Frame: World's Greatest Photo Framer
    171. Frame: White Tenderness.
    172. Free Online Photo Editor
    173. Fun Photo Box Animation
    174. Fun Photo Photo Box Card Templates
    175. Fun Photo Photo Box Face in Hole
    176. Fun Photo Editing
    177. Fun Photo Nickname Generator
    178. Funtastic Face
    179. Funny Photo
    180. Generator Blog
    181. Glitterfy
    182. Glitterize
    183. Gold Chain with Your Name.
    184. Gold Fish Fish Bowl.
    185. Hair Mixer
    186. Header Bar
    187. Heart-Shaped Tea Light Candle Formation with Photo.
    188. Hologram.
    189. Halloween Bats.
    190. Halloween Horned Goblin.
    191. Halloween Jack O'Lantern.
    192. Halloween Mask.
    193. Halloween Night.
    194. Halloween She-Devil.
    195. Halloween Zombie.
    196. Hybrid Face Photo Generator.
    197. I Like Money Photo Generator.
    198. Image Chef
    199. Instyle Hollywood Hair Virtual Makeover
    200. Japanese Embroidery of Your Photo.
    201. Jelly Muffin Generators.
    202. Jesus-Looking Guy with a Photo Poster.
    203. Jesus-Looking Guy Pan Handling.
    204. Jigsaw Puzzle Photo by Big Huge Labs.
    205. Jigsaw Puzzle Photo by Funny Photo.
    206. Joanna Krupa's Body & Your Head in the Hole.
    207. Jpg Fun
    208. Lockerz
    209. Logo Generator
    210. Loonapix
    211. Love: Animated Balloon Heart-Shaped with Two Photos.
    212. Love: Animated Candles Forming the Shape of a Heart with a Portrait in the Middle.
    213. Love: Animated Heartbeat with One Photo.
    214. Love: Animated Heartbeat Ice Heart.
    215. Love: Animated Loving You.
    216. Love: Collage in Chinese Calligraphy.
    217. Love: Angelina Jolie Loves you.
    218. Love: Beyonce Knowles Loves you.
    219. Love: Brad Pitt Loves you.
    220. Love: Bruce Willis Loves you.
    221. Love: Cat Loves you.
    222. Love: David Duchovny Loves you.
    223. Love: Heavenly Love. Flying Balloon.
    224. Love: I Love You Honey, Bunny.
    225. Love: Johnny Depp Loves you.
    226. Love: Justin Bieber Loves you.
    227. Love: Keira Knightly Loves You.
    228. Love: Lionel Messi Loves you.
    229. Love: Male Adorer Loves You.
    230. Love: Medvedev and Schwarzenegger Love you.
    231. Love: Pin Forever.
    232. Love: Robert Pattinson Loves you.
    233. Love: Romantic Memories.
    234. Love in Roses.
    235. Love: Surrounded by Roses.
    236. Love: Usher Loves you.
    237. Love: Photo Framed by Colored Pens.
    238. Love: Romantic Message with 4 Photos.
    239. Love: Shahrukh Khan Loves you.
    240. Love: Smart Puppy Loves you.
    241. Love: Two Photos inside Two Hearts in the Sand on the Beach.
    242. Love: Valentine: 4-Photo Collage.
    243. Love: Valentine: Animated Photo in Sunset.
    244. Love: Valentine: Heart Locket.
    245. Love in Your Eye.
    246. Lunapic (with 3D cube maker)
    247. Make Up
    248. Magazine Cover by Big Huge Lab
    249. Magazine Cover by Fake Magazine Cover.
    250. Magazine Cover: Glamour.
    251. Magazine Cover 2
    252. Magazine Cover: Mag My Pic
    253. Magazine Cover: Kim Kardashian with Your Photo
    254. Magnifying Glass Investigation.
    255. MakeMeBabies Predicts What You and Your Lover's Kid Will Look Like
    256. Marilyn Monroe Style Photo Generator.
    257. Mash-Up Photos
    258. Mat Added to Your Digital Images
    259. Medical Examination Animated Image.
    260. Meme Generator.
    261. Mirror Room with One Photo.
    262. Mosaic Maker
    263. Motivational Poster
    264. MOV Video Converter
    265. Movie Clapper Board Generator.
    266. Movie Marquee Generator
    267. Movie Poster Generator.
    268. My Heritage Face Recognition
    269. My Heritage Celebrity Look Alike.
    270. My Pimp Card
    271. My Theme
    272. Name Acronym Photo Generator
    273. Nun Photo Generator.
    274. A New Morning
    275. Newspaper Clipping Generator
    276. Newspaper Clipping Image Generator.
    277. Newspaper: Dog with a Lost and Found Note.
    278. Newspaper: Old Newspaper
    279. Newspaper: Photo in Newspaper.
    280. Obama iSpeech.
    281. Obama Poster
    282. Online Sign
    283. Rey King Atgeld Castle Snow Winter 2011-01-15
    284. Painting: Artist's Black & White Painting.
    285. Painting: Colored Cartoon Painting.
    286. Painting: Watercolor Painting.
    287. Painting: Animated Finishing Touches.
    288. Peace Stickers
    289. Pencil Sketch Generator
    290. Personalization Mall: Personalized Christmas Ornaments.
    291. Personalized Monument
    292. Pharaoh King Tut Photo Generator.
    293. Picnik
    294. PicJoke
    295. Phixr
    296. Polaroid Patchwork.
    297. Polaroid Animated Slideshow by Avatar Photo.
    298. Pho.to
    299. Photo
    300. Photo 505
    301. Photo Album Animated 4 Photos by Pho.to
    302. Photo Album 4 Photos Animated Sitting Flipping Pages by Photofunia
    303. Photo Booth
    304. Photo Coming Alive.
    305. Photo in Fireplace Photo Generator.
    306. Photo Frames
    307. Photo Funny
    308. Photo Funny Animations
    309. Photo Montager
    310. Photofunia
    311. Photovisi
    312. Pictures4Fun
    313. Pixisnap
    314. Pixisnap Photo Mosaic Maker.
    315. Pizap
    316. Polaroid Maker One Photo Only Pile
    317. Polaroid Picture Editor
    318. Polaroid Patchwork
    319. Polaroid Slideshow with 5 Photos from Avatar Pho.to
    320. Pop Art Poster
    321. Poster: Wanted Dead or Alive.
    322. Presidential Seal Generator
    323. Puzzle Photo Generator.
    324. Qurified Code Generator.
    325. Royal Mirror Photo Generator.
    326. Says It: Seals, Labels, Signs, Batches, etc.
    327. ScrapWalls.
    328. Serve the People Poster
    329. She-Devil Photo Generator.
    330. Sign Generator: Sign Generator.
    331. Sign Generator: Protesters with a Cop.
    332. Sign Generator: Soldiers.
    333. Sign Generator: Woman with a Yellow Sign.
    334. Sign Generator: Taylor Hicks.
    335. Sign Generator: Portable Image Generator.
    336. Sign Generator: Sign Board in the Woods.
    337. Sign Generator: Name Tag.
    338. Sign Generator: Peace Sign Generator.
    339. Sign Generator: Rent a Sign.
    340. Sign Generator: Left Arrow Sign in the Desert.
    341. Sign Generator: Road Construction Sign.
    342. Sign Generator: Parking Lot Sign.
    343. Sign Generator: F Bureau Seal.
    344. Sign Generator: Protesters with Police.
    345. Sign Generator: Stack of Dollar Bills.
    346. Sign Generator: Stack of Dollar Bills 2.
    347. Sign Generator: God Said... Sign Maker.
    348. Sign Generator: Sign Generator.
    349. Sign Generator: Center Road Sign.
    350. Sign Generator: Delivery Truck.
    351. Sign Generator: Road Sign.
    352. Sign Generator: One Way Sign.
    353. Sign Generator: Sign Generator: Fortune Cookie with Blue & White Chinese Porcelain Tea Cup.
    354. Sign Generator: Sign Generator: Fortune Cookie.
    355. Sign Generator: Fortune Cookie by Jelly Muffin.
    356. Sign Generator: Yellow Sign Board.
    357. Sign Generator: Scenic View.
    358. Sign Generator: Raidroad Crossing Sign Board.
    359. Sign Generator: Desert Road.
    360. Sign Generator: Blank Sign Generator.
    361. U.S. and World Map Photo Collage.
    362. Sign Generator: Blank Sign Generator: Women Fan Signs.
    363. Sign Generator: Blank Sign Generator: Men Fan Signs.
    364. Sign Generator: Blank Sign Generator: Miscellaneous Fan Signs -- Things to Write On.
    365. Sign Generator: Fan Sign Generator.
    366. Sign Generator: Safety Sign Generator.
    367. Sign Generator: See Now Generator.
    368. Slide - slide shows.
    369. Slideshow with Big Huge Labs
    370. Slideshow from LunaPic
    371. Snail Mail My Email (for free).
    372. Soldier.
    373. Squidoo Faces
    374. Techie Blogger
    375. Text to Picture
    376. T-Shirt Sign Generator.
    377. Toilet Bowl: Photo Flushed Down.
    378. Tombstone Image and Text Generator.
    379. T-Shirt: Football Jersey with Your Name.
    380. Tuxpi Photo Editing Tool
    381. Uncle Sam Poster
    382. Upside Down Text.
    383. URL Shortener: Bitly.
    384. URL Shortener: Tiny URL.
    385. Vampire Photo Generator.
    386. Vietnam War U.S. Soldiers Sign Maker.
    387. Vintage Photo Generator.
    388. Walk of Fame
    389. Warning Sign Maker
    390. Weight Mirror: Instant Weight Loss Visualizer
    391. Windy Girl
    392. Woman Can Poster Sign Maker
    393. Word Cloud Generator
    394. Word Mosaic
    395. Wordificator
    396. Wordify
    397. Write on It
    398. WTC Sign Generator.
    399. Zoom Animation.
    400. Yellow Stickie.

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