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    Wednesday, October 29, 2008

    Employment Opportunities

    NOTE: When there is a job opening, there is a job opening. When there is no job opening, there is none. When the deadline is over, the deadline is over. I do *not* have any control over the job announcements. Reposting and retweeting do *not* imply endorsement. Good luck on your job search!

    1. Consulting and Job Opportunities.
    2. Job Fairs.
    3. Meta List of Job Listings.
    4. Academia.edu Job Postings.
    5. Academic 360.
    6. Academic Jobs in Conflict Resolution, Development and Related Fields.
    7. Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD) Job Bank.
    8. Adult Education Jobs
    9. AlertNet.
    10. Alliance for Peacebuilding.
    11. American Political Science Association.
    12. American Sociological Association.
    13. American University of Beirut
    14. American University in Cairo
    15. American University of Paris
    16. ASEAN
    17. Association of Commonwealth Universities
    18. Amnesty International U.S.A.
    19. Amnesty International International Secretariat, London, United Kingdom
    20. B Corps Jobs
    21. British Overseas Development Network.
    22. Canadian Evaluation Society.
    23. Careers in International Peace and Conflict Resolution
    24. Change.org Jobs
    25. Chronicle of Higher Education
    26. Chronicle of Higher Education--University Teaching in Different Countries: Choose a country under "International" in "Location"
    27. Chronicle of Higher Education: Choose a country
    28. Chronicle of Higher Education: International Positions in Higher Education
    29. CIVICUS.
    30. Claremont Lincoln University.
    31. Competitions, Prizes, and Awards
    32. Cord: Peace through Partnerships.
    33. Council on Foreign Relations, New York & Washington, D.C.
    34. Democracy Digest Jobs.
    35. Development Ex (DEVEX).
    36. DevNetJobs.
    37. Earth Justice, San Francisco.
    38. Eastern Mennonite University Job Openings, Shenandoah Valley in Harrisonburg, Virginia.
    39. EuroBrussels (EU-Related Jobs).
    40. European Graduate School. Leuk-Stadt, Switzerland.
    41. European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation.
    42. European Peacebuilding Liaison Office.
    43. European Universities and Colleges: Jobs in Research, Science, Academic & Related Professions
    44. Ford Foundation.
    45. Foreign Policy Association Job Board.
    46. Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, Switzerland.
    47. Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva, Switzerland.
    48. The Guardian Newspaper Jobs.
    49. Higher Education Jobs.
    50. H-Net Job Guide.
    51. Human Rights Education Associates (HREA).
    52. Human Rights First, New York & Washington, D.C.
    53. Human Rights Watch
    54. Idealist.
    55. Inside Higher Education.
    56. Inside NGO.
    57. Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies.
    58. International Alert
    59. International Association for Conflict Management
    60. International Alert
    61. International Committee of the Red Cross, Geneva, Switzerland
    62. International Development Evaluation Association.
    63. International Employment Resources
    64. International Initiative for Impact Evaluation.
    65. International Rescue Committee. (IRC).
    66. International Studies Association.
    67. Interpeace.
    68. Jobs4Development.
    69. Jobs in Research, Science, Academic and Related Professions in the U.K.
    70. Liberation Tech Jobs (Stanford University).
    71. Just Means.
    72. MandE NEWS - Jobs (Evaluation and Monitoring Jobs).
    73. Marie Stopes International.
    74. My M&E.
    75. National Association for International Education Career Center (NAFSA).
    76. The New School
    77. The Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame, Indiana, U.S.A.
    78. MandE News Job Forum.
    79. Mashable Job Listing.
    80. National University of Singapore.
    81. New York Times & Monster Job Listing
    82. Next Billion Career Center.
    83. Omidyar Network .
    84. One World.
    85. Open Society Foundations.
    86. Oxfam International.
    87. Oxford HR.
    88. Partners for Democratic Change.
    89. Peace and Justice Studies Association.
    90. Philanthropy News Digest. (PND).
    91. Political Science Related Jobs
    92. Scholarly Hires: Higher Education Positions.
    93. Society for International Development Job Board.
    94. Sportanddev.
    95. Soros Open Society Foundations.
    96. Relief Web.
    97. Relief World.
    98. Saferworld.
    99. Scholarships, Fellowship Opportunities, and Academic Programs
    100. Social Edge.
    101. Social Impact Jobs.
    102. Teaching in Brunei
    103. Teaching at the Universiti Brunei Darussalem
    104. Teaching in Canada:McGill University
    105. Teaching in Canada: University of Toronto
    106. Teaching in Canada: York University
    107. Teaching in Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong
    108. Teaching in Hong Kong: Hong Kong Baptist University
    109. Teaching in Hong Kong: Hong Kong Polytechnic University
    110. Teaching in Hong Kong: University of Hong Kong
    111. Teaching English in Japan
    112. Teaching in Japan
    113. Teaching at Japanese Universities
    114. Teaching English in Taiwan
    115. Times Higher Education Supplement.
    116. UNESCO
    117. United Nations
    118. United Nations Job List.
    119. United Nations Job Lists
    120. U.N. Jobs: A Swiss Association
    121. United Nations UNOPS Job Lists.
    122. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
    123. United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) .
    124. United Nations University
    125. United States Institute of Peace.
    126. University for Peace, United Nations, Costa Rica.
    127. University of California at Berkeley.
    128. University of California at Berkeley Featured Jobs.
    129. University of Sydney.
    130. University of Toronto Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.
    131. University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
    132. University of Waterloo Faculty Positions, Ontario, Canada.
    133. University World News.
    134. Women's Studies.
    135. World Council of Churches.
    136. Young Professionals in Foreign Policy Job Board.
    137. Zebra Jobs (in Africa).
    138. Please send me an email if you can give me additional links for related job vacancies and employment opportunities. Thank you.

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    vishnuprasath said...

    Education is a must for everyone, only then a person will communicate and face problems easily in all aspects. Plenty of jobs openings are there but it is meant only for the right candidate, its the right time to develop new skills to become one of the right person what the company/organization expects.

    Human Rights, Social Justice, and Peace said...

    Vishnu Prasath: You are right. Education is very important. I agree with you.